Through the generous donations from our community and sponsors, we are able to provide grants that benefit our entire student body and keep JCP among the most successful high schools in the state and the nation.  Funds raised have been used to purchase library books, athletic uniforms and travel, band equipment, media equipment, digital cameras, classroom supplies, as well as underwrite professional development, field trips and countless other rewarding community building events.  Consider donating today.




Our 2022-23 annual fund campaign is officially underway. A meaningful gift from you, in any amount, is a meaningful gift to the FOJ Annual Fund campaign. 100% participation by the JCP family demonstrates that our community is deeply committed to supporting its mission and the Grad at Grad values of Jones College Prep.


You can contribute in any of the following ways:

Send your check payable to Friends of Jones, along with one of the following Donation Forms, to:  Jones College Prep, ATTN: Annual Fund, 700 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60605

Download the Donation Form in:


Appreciated stock purchased over a year ago may be donated and a tax deduction is taken for the full market value of the gifted stock as of the date of the gift (up to 30% of adjusted gross income) and because the stock is donated rather than sold, there is no capital gains tax. (Please consult your tax advisor). If you would like to donate stocks/securities from a brokerage account, please initiate a direct wire transfer with your broker to Friends of Jones. Our account info is Ameritrade DTC: 0188, Account Name: Friends of Jones (account number available upon request). Please have your broker indicate your name and acknowledgment information. Please notify FOJ at immediately after the transfer by emailing your name, address, telephone number, stock name with the CUSIP code and number of shares transferred so we know who to thank for the donation.

You may donate to Friends of Jones from your Charitable Gift Fund by contacting the fund and asking to designate FOJ as a donation recipient or log in to your Giving Account and enter FOJ (Tax ID #36-4417670).

  • Aashish Chauhan
  • Alex Andrade
  • Alexa Auerbach
  • Amanda Gomez
  • Andrea Korte
  • Angela Ewald
  • Angela Wells OConnor
  • Anne Coon
  • Barry Rosenberg
  • Beata Krakus
  • Berry Global
  • Beth Valukas
  • Beverly Becker
  • Bhashkar Mazumder
  • Bridget Cowlin
  • Carla Roinson
  • Carla Schubring
  • Christina Herzog
  • Christine Shimkus
  • Christine Tarkowski
  • Christopher Swan
  • Chrysa Moster
  • Claudia Mendelson
  • Colleen McNulty
  • Damien Conover
  • Dana Thomas
  • Daniela Pozzi Pavan
  • Danita Childers
  • David Oskin
  • Dayna Kleinman
  • Deborah Knupp
  • Deborah Schwan
  • Dimi Minkov
  • Dimple Patel
  • Don Ogilvie
  • Donna Ward
  • Dr. James & Rita Sheinin
  • Duane and Athena Petty
  • Elaine Canevaro
  • Elizabeth Alpern
  • Elizabeth Poduska
  • Elizabeth Siegel
  • Ellee Hong
  • Emily Friedman
  • Eric Levin
  • Erica Amaro
  • Eryn Weber-Shifrin
  • Eve Ludwig
  • Gevik Anbarchian
  • Gies Family Gift Trust
  • Greg & Katie Mooney
  • Gregory Boyle
  • Hap Bryant
  • Henry Crown & Company
  • Hilary Kurinsky
  • Ian & Heather Cull Charitable Fund
  • Ivonne Loza
  • Jacqueline Gilson
  • Janelle Peterson
  • Jared Wunsch
  • Jeanne Mellett
  • Jeffrey Sriver
  • Jennifer Biggs
  • Jennifer Haffner
  • Jennifer Hein
  • Jeremy Manier
  • Jerome Studer
  • Jian Hua Zhou
  • Jitendra Dassani
  • Joann Regan
  • Jodi Rosen
  • John Marchese
  • Joseph Janicki
  • Joseph Powers
  • Katherine LaMantia
  • Keeley Sorokti
  • Keith Solomon
  • Kieu Khuu
  • Kim Giving Fund
  • Kimberly Gottschall
  • Kohl Rachel
  • Kristin Quinn
  • Linda Lewelling
  • Linda Ling
  • Lindsey Hayes
  • Lisa Rakic
  • Luke & Vicki De Roeck
  • MacArthur Foundation
  • Margo Weinstein
  • Maria Amoruso
  • Mary Clare Maxwell
  • Maryrose Pavkovic
  • Matt Radenbaugh
  • Megumi Yamakoshi
  • Michelle Kerr
  • Murphy Beth
  • Nicole Rodriguez
  • Noah Franklin
  • Norma Rangel-Aponte
  • Olga Castaneda
  • Patricia & Peter Kaiser
  • PayPal Giving Fund
  • Prudential
  • Rachel O'Mara
  • Ray Carso
  • Robert Half
  • Rocque Lipford
  • Sarah Block
  • Sarah Bush
  • Sarah Ma
  • Scott Gelling
  • Shannon Mettelman
  • Shari Dorfman
  • Stacey Prus
  • Susan Begala Brothers
  • Susan Viti
  • Suzanne Falck
  • Suzanne Loose
  • Suzy McClure
  • Tabatha Fleming
  • Thea Kachoris-Flores
  • Thomas Silfen
  • Tija O'brien
  • Tracy Portnoy
  • Vagedes Karle
  • Yu Xue


Inspire Banner

Is your business interested in supporting programs that enhance the educational experience at one of the top high schools in the state? Friends of Jones has secured clearance to sell 31 light post banners around our school on State, Harrison, Dearborn, and Polk Streets.

The banners are available to businesses for $2,500, $1,500 and $1,000 sponsorships, depending on location and other benefits provided, and each will include the sponsor’s name/logo along with a Jones College Prep mission message.

Money raised will be used to provide grants to enrich the Jones College Prep experience.

Learn more about the various Sponsorship Levels. View the map of banner locations. Ready to commit?

Or Download a Corporate Banner Sponsorship form to send with your payment information or check.

Want to make this a recurring sponsorship? Download the Recurring Payment form to send with your Corporate Sponsorship form.

Questions? Please contact


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FOJ is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution to Friends of Jones is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The Friends of Jones tax ID is 36-441-7670. Your tax-deductible acknowledgment will be sent via email or USPS. Please retain for your records.