There are many ways to contribute to Jones College Prep. Friends of Jones coordinates a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to help support Jones in areas that CPS funding does not cover. The funds raised have been used to purchase computers, software, laptops, athletic uniforms and travel, classroom technology and supplies, as well as underwrite professional development, field trips and countless other rewarding projects that benefit our entire student body and keep JCP among the most successful high schools in the state and the nation.




Our 2019-20 annual fund campaign is officially underway. A meaningful gift from you, in any amount, is a meaningful gift to the FOJ campaign. 100% participation by the JCP family demonstrates that our community is deeply committed to supporting its mission and the Grad at Grad values of Jones College Prep.


You can contribute in any of the following ways:

Annual Fund Progress J_fill 149000

Send your check payable to Friends of Jones, along with one of the following Donation Forms, to:  Jones College Prep, ATTN: Annual Fund, 700 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60605

Download the Donation Form in:


Appreciated stock purchased over a year ago may be donated and a tax deduction is taken for the full market value of the gifted stock as of the date of the gift (up to 30% of adjusted gross income) and because the stock is donated rather than sold, there is no capital gains tax. (Please consult your tax advisor). If you would like to donate stocks/securities from a brokerage account, please initiate a direct wire transfer with your broker to Friends of Jones. Our account info is Ameritrade DTC: 0188, Account Name: Friends of Jones (account number available upon request). Please have your broker indicate your name and acknowledgment information. Please notify FOJ at immediately after the transfer by emailing your name, address, telephone number, stock name with the CUSIP code and number of shares transferred so we know who to thank for the donation.

You may donate to Friends of Jones from your Charitable Gift Fund by contacting the fund and asking to designate FOJ as a donation recipient or log in to your Giving Account and enter FOJ (Tax ID #36-4417670).

  • Shazia Abdullah
  • Karin Alfaro
  • Angela Alonzo-Onate
  • Danny Alpert
  • Rachel Alvarez
  • Maria Amoruso
  • Eric Anderson
  • Karen Anderson
  • Eric Aponte
  • Jill Attkisson
  • Grace Armstrong
  • Jesus Ayala Jr.
  • Rebecca Bacote
  • Kimberly Bahna
  • Bank of America
  • Paul Bartoli
  • Brian Basler
  • Nancy Bason
  • Shalimar Beekman
  • Richard Benjamin
  • Melissa Berman
  • Gina Bernardi
  • Ana Bezerra
  • Patricia Blagojevich
  • Fran Boord
  • Kathleen Brady
  • Laura Brauer
  • Sara Broderick
  • Patricia Hanlon Burke
  • Amanda Byrd
  • Janice Cabaltica
  • Deana Caccavale
  • Ray Carso
  • Norma Castrejon
  • Anna Cervantes
  • Michelle Chambers
  • Joseph Chan
  • Darlene Chappell
  • Michelle Charles
  • Tiffany Chiang
  • Cameron Christo
  • Steven Clancy
  • K.K. Cleland
  • Katy Clusen
  • David Comp
  • Alexander Condrell
  • Randall Cone
  • Anne Coon
  • Patricia Cortes
  • Vicki Crockett
  • Pamela Crowell
  • Anthony Solis Cruz
  • Susana Cuadros
  • Yinghong Dai
  • Stacie Daley
  • Paul Danao
  • Kimberly Danna-Mulick
  • Jitendra Dassani
  • Derek Dattner
  • Carol Deely
  • Samantha Dekoven
  • Dina DeLaurentis
  • Michelle DeMent
  • Cathy Demille
  • Julie Deprey
  • Danielle Deutsch
  • Michelle Drake
  • Jeffrey Dunning
  • Julie Edwards
  • Rose Eisenberg
  • Rachel Ellis
  • Claire Etaugh
  • Amy Fanale
  • David Fisher
  • Evelyn Fitzgerald
  • Michael Flynn
  • Ruslana Friedman
  • Scott Gelling
  • Edward Gorshman
  • Jacqueline Gilson
  • Berry Global
  • Larry Goldman
  • Elina Golod
  • Veronica Gomez
  • Jessica Goodman
  • Mary Goodrich
  • Peter Gotsch
  • Peter Gottlieb
  • David Gottschall
  • Jared Green
  • Maria Greenberg
  • Emily Haberkamp
  • Michele Hakimian
  • Lisa Hale
  • Matthew Hamada
  • Brian Hand
  • Nicole Handzel
  • Katie Hanson
  • Shawna Hanson
  • Joseph Harrison
  • Elizabeth Hattel
  • Cassandra Hatto
  • Lindsey Hayes
  • Heather Hendrickson
  • Henry Crown and Company
  • Troy Hilbrands
  • Douglas Hinckley
  • Peter Hirsch
  • Agnes Hong
  • David Hope
  • Jennifer Huberman-Shlaes
  • Eric Huffman
  • Michael Hulett
  • Kathy Im
  • Young Im
  • Dwight Irwin
  • Roni Jackson
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Leslie Janes
  • Laura Jansen
  • Justin Jentes
  • Joyce Jones
  • Onna Jones
  • Chris Johnston
  • Melinda Johnston
  • Jami Josefson
  • Niki Jungwirth
  • Steven Kaleel
  • Simona Katona
  • Kenneth Kaufman
  • Jessica Goodman
  • Julia Keller
  • Rachel Kelley-Gross
  • Jen Kenny
  • Elizabeth Kent
  • Michelle Kerr
  • KeyBank Foundation
  • Tina Khaunte
  • Jacqueline King-Papadopoulos
  • Leticia Kim
  • Reeve King
  • Kirkland & Ellis Foundation
  • Derek Kobets
  • Ravi Kodavarti
  • Amy Koch
  • Tricia Koning-Llewellyn
  • Jah-Won Koo
  • Andrea Korte
  • Monica Kuzma
  • Thomas Lally
  • Margarita Lamas
  • George Langford
  • Monica Lasky
  • Carol Leonard
  • Daniel Christopher Leonard
  • Michael Leyden
  • Cai Ying Li
  • Yu Ling Li
  • Tammi Longsjo
  • Suzanne Loose
  • Sheila Lothian
  • Doreen Lubeck
  • Eve Ludwig
  • Stacy MacLowry
  • Michelle Mada
  • Daniel Mahoney
  • Kristen Mandujano
  • Jeremy Manier
  • Mary Catherine Marco
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  • Katherine McConnell
  • Linda McJessy
  • Patti McNichols
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  • Alain Patrick Nono
  • Annie Line Nono
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  • James Ostry
  • Slawomira Ottenfeld
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  • Nikki Panatera
  • Snigdha-Rita Parida
  • Laura Patrick
  • Laura Patterson
  • Jenni Pencyla
  • Anne Penniston
  • Thomas Perrine
  • Janelle Peterson
  • Cynthia Phelan
  • Kimberli Piehl
  • Melissa Pillman
  • Elizabeth Poduska
  • Kathy Port-Gac
  • Tracy Portnoy
  • Leo Post
  • Joseph Powers
  • Jill Daly Pretorius
  • Jeanine Quinn
  • Sheila Quinn
  • Mark Radenbaugh
  • Katharine Ragozzino
  • Lisa Rakic
  • Karen Ranquist
  • Aaron Rapport
  • Marina Raykin
  • Chris Rettke
  • David Richardson
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  • Tracy Robinson
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  • Donald Roseen
  • Barry Rosenberg
  • Theresa Ross
  • Mary Ryan
  • Kathy Wong Saines
  • Eric Sanders
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  • Carla Schubring
  • Bonita Schulgasser 
  • Deborah Schwan
  • Peter Shearn
  • Sandra Sheinin
  • Cathy Shrifter
  • Elizabeth Siegel
  • Sabrina Simo
  • Charla Simon
  • Michael Siska
  • Benjamin Smith-Donald
  • Keith Solomon
  • Frank Sommese
  • Kelli Sorkin
  • Megan Stalder
  • David Stewart
  • Esther Storrie
  • Cheryl Strzechowski
  • Ardita Tali
  • Sara Talsma
  • Man Kuen Tam
  • Judy Sutton Taylor
  • Lovisa Tedestedt
  • Margaret Ann Temple
  • Michelle Theis
  • Dana Thomas
  • Lisa Toerne
  • Panarea Tsilimigras
  • Maurizio Ursetta
  • Rodney Vautier
  • Susan Viti
  • Sharon Walsh
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  • Kevin Weinstein
  • Margo Weinstein
  • Bart Weldon
  • Audrey Wennink
  • Cheryl Williams
  • Matthew Wood
  • Scott Wood-Prince
  • Joan Wroblewski
  • Mark Yee
  • Anne Zagota
  • Kathryn Zalewski
  • Jian Hua Zhou
  • Ann Zwick



Monday - Friday

July 13 - 24, 2020

8:00am - 12:00pm

The cost of Freshman Connection is paid for solely by donations from parents and guardians.

Friends of Jones believe that the first step to successful high school experience is Freshman Connection. Freshman Connection is a two-week summer program offered to all rising freshmen that helps build the culture of unity and inclusion that characterizes the student body.

Chicago Public Schools no longer funds Freshman Connection, therefore, Friends of Jones works diligently to raise funds so that EVERY JCP FRESHMAN can attend. But we need your help.


The cost of the Freshman Connection program is roughly $65,000 each year. In order to cover this cost, the suggested family donation is $250. Any amount families are able to donate is welcome and appreciated. If you are able, please consider making a donation above the suggested amount in order to provide this program to all our students.

Through your generous donations, Friends of Jones will be able to provide this experience to all incoming freshmen – regardless of their ability to donate.




  • Amazon Smile – It’s exactly the same as shopping at, but Jones gets a portion of your purchase price when you go through Be sure to add the link in your bookmark bar as a reminder to use Amazon Smile.
  • iGive – Merchants contribute to our school when you buy from them online.



Friends of Jones has secured clearance to sell 31 light post banners around our school on State, Harrison, Dearborn, and Polk Streets.

The banners sell for $2,000, $4,000 and $6,000, depending on location, and each will include the sponsor’s name along with their choice of one of the Jones Grad at Grad values, including:

Intellectually Competent
Socially Skilled and Mature
Socially Just and Responsible
Well-Rounded and Holistic

Money raised will be used to support Jones College Prep, funding items the school needs that are not covered by the CPS budget. Is your company interested in supporting one of the best schools in the state? 

Learn more about the various Sponsorship Levels. View the map of banner locations. Ready to commit? Download a Corporate Sponsorship form.

Questions? Please contact

We'd like to thank the following sponsors for their support:











Every Spring, Friends of Jones runs an online auction as another way to raise funds for our school. Our success each year depends largely on donations from families and the people they know. We want this auction to be our best yet! Please consider securing/donating: gift cards in any demonination; sports tickets; Lollapalooza or concert tickets; stays at vacation homes; special event opportunities; unique experiences not available to the public, etc.

Email us with your contribution or use the attached form to enter a donation. Items and forms can be dropped off in the Jones main office, Attn: Friends of Jones Online Auction.

Contact or with questions or forms.



Becoming a Spring Benefit sponsor is a great way for businesses and individuals to make a significant impact. We are seeking sponsorships that range from $1,000 – $10,000. Sponsors help us underwrite the event so that the funds we raise that evening will go toward benefitting the students and programs at our school.

As a sponsor, you will receive tickets to the event. In addition, your name/logo will receive exposure to over 250,000 people during the online auction, as well as will be displayed on monitors at the Benefit.

Click here for more information about Benefit Sponsorship. Download the Benefit Sponsorship form here.

Please contact for questions or more information on becoming a Benefit sponsor.



FOJ is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution to Friends of Jones is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The Friends of Jones tax ID is 36-441-7670. Your tax-deductible acknowledgment will be sent via email or USPS. Please retain for your records.