There are many ways to contribute to Friends of Jones. Friends of Jones coordinates a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to help support Jones in areas that CPS funding does not cover. The funds raised have been used to purchase computers, software, laptops, athletic uniforms and travel, classroom technology and supplies, as well as underwrite professional development, field trips and countless other rewarding projects that benefit our entire student body and keep JCP among the most successful high schools in the state and the nation.



  • Amazon Smile – It’s exactly the same as shopping at, but Jones gets a portion of your purchase price when you go through Be sure to add the link in your bookmark bar as a reminder to use Amazon Smile.
  • iGive – Merchants contribute to our school when you buy from them online.




Our 2021-22 annual fund campaign is officially underway. A meaningful gift from you, in any amount, is a meaningful gift to the FOJ campaign. 100% participation by the JCP family demonstrates that our community is deeply committed to supporting its mission and the Grad at Grad values of Jones College Prep.


You can contribute in any of the following ways:

Send your check payable to Friends of Jones, along with one of the following Donation Forms, to:  Jones College Prep, ATTN: Annual Fund, 700 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60605

Download the Donation Form in:


Appreciated stock purchased over a year ago may be donated and a tax deduction is taken for the full market value of the gifted stock as of the date of the gift (up to 30% of adjusted gross income) and because the stock is donated rather than sold, there is no capital gains tax. (Please consult your tax advisor). If you would like to donate stocks/securities from a brokerage account, please initiate a direct wire transfer with your broker to Friends of Jones. Our account info is Ameritrade DTC: 0188, Account Name: Friends of Jones (account number available upon request). Please have your broker indicate your name and acknowledgment information. Please notify FOJ at immediately after the transfer by emailing your name, address, telephone number, stock name with the CUSIP code and number of shares transferred so we know who to thank for the donation.

You may donate to Friends of Jones from your Charitable Gift Fund by contacting the fund and asking to designate FOJ as a donation recipient or log in to your Giving Account and enter FOJ (Tax ID #36-4417670).

  • Jonathan Adams
  • Abena Agyeman-Bugyei
  • Steven Aks
  • Carlos Alfaro
  • Maria Amoruso
  • Alex Andrade
  • Grace Armstrong
  • Armstrong Family Foundation
  • Jill Attkisson
  • Kimberly Bahna
  • John Balaguras
  • Raychel Barfield
  • Paul Bartolai
  • Nancy Bason
  • Brian Basler
  • Joseph Behen
  • Shalimar Beekman
  • Richard Benjamin
  • Joseph Berhalter
  • Vanda Berman
  • Jennifer Biggs
  • Blackbaud Giving Fund
  • Patricia Blagojevich
  • Sarah Block
  • J L Matelski Boulware
  • Gregory Boyle
  • Laura Brauer
  • Julie Borst Brazas
  • Patricia Hanlon Burke
  • Janice Cabaltica
  • Deana Caccavale
  • Gabriela Cambiasso
  • Erica Carli
  • Martha Castillo
  • Darlene Chappell
  • Charities Aid Foundation
  • Michelle Charles
  • Julie Chesne
  • Bo Ping Chow
  • Troy Close
  • Deborah Cohen
  • Randall Cone
  • Bridget Cowlin
  • Cowlin Foundation
  • Vicki Crockett
  • Kenton Cuddy
  • Donna Czech
  • Barbara Danis
  • Stacie Daley
  • Jitendra Dassani
  • Samantha Dekoven
  • Daisy Delogu
  • John DeSantis
  • Stacey Dombar
  • Rebekah Dousias
  • Michelle Drake
  • Diane Dugard
  • Jeffrey Dunning
  • Julie Edwards
  • Suzanne Falck
  • Jen Faust
  • David Fisher
  • Evelyn Fitzgerald
  • Tabatha Fleming
  • Michael Flynn
  • Lawrence Friedman
  • Ruslana Friedman
  • Julie Ganey
  • Scott Gelling
  • Dawn Gershman
  • Kara Gibney
  • Jacqueline Gilson
  • glaxosmith
  • Veronica Gomez
  • Jessica Goodman
  • Justice Goodman
  • Peter & Jana Gotsch
  • David Gottschall
  • Jared Green
  • Deborah Guenthner
  • Magdalena Gutierrez
  • Robert Half
  • Brian Hand
  • Theodor Hangesbach
  • Corey Harrison
  • Jacqueline Hatch
  • Brett Hattel
  • Cassandra Hatto
  • Jonathan Healy
  • Rebecca Healy
  • Peter Hirsch
  • Wendy Hiza
  • Eunhee Hong
  • Pamela Horan-Bussey
  • Stefanie Hrejsa
  • Jen Huberman-Shlaes
  • Catherine Hug
  • Kathy Im
  • Dwight Irwin
  • Jennifer James
  • Kelly Jiang
  • Jami Josefson
  • Diana Kantner
  • Simona Katona
  • Christopher Keller
  • Michelle Kerr
  • Tina Khaunte
  • Jacqueline King-Papadopoulos
  • Tricia Koning-Llewellyn
  • Andrea Korte
  • Daniel Kovacs
  • William Kovacs
  • Shelly Kulwin
  • Hilary Kurinsky
  • Monica Kuzma
  • Michael Lamantia
  • George Langford
  • Pamela Lannert
  • Gloria Lasley
  • Ainhi Le
  • Jenny Lee
  • Linda Ling
  • Suzanne Loose
  • Sheila Lothian
  • Doreen Lubeck
  • Eve Ludwig
  • Moray MacLennan
  • Latrice McArthur
  • Katherine McConnell
  • Michael McGovern
  • Linda McJessy
  • Colleen McNulty
  • Daniel Mahoney
  • John Marchese
  • Mary Catherine Marco
  • Caryn Marcus
  • Diann Marquis
  • Claudia Martin
  • John Martin-Eatinger
  • Michael Maxwell
  • Yong Mei
  • Jennifer Meints
  • Jeanne Mellett
  • Claudia Mendelson
  • Shannon Mettelman
  • Jannifer & Steve Miller
  • Dimi Minkov
  • Michelle Mitchell
  • Megan Mortensen
  • MUFG
  • Hans Nelson
  • Laura Nelson-Garlati
  • Charmaine Nichols
  • Annie Line Nono
  • Jenny Novakovic
  • Rick Nunziati
  • Norah Obrien
  • Tija O'Brien
  • Rachel O'Mara
  • Rita Parida
  • Dimple Patel
  • Laura Patrick
  • Maryrose Pavkovic
  • Jenni Pencyla
  • Anne Penniston
  • Christina Perez
  • Thomas & Sharon Perrine
  • Timothy Peterson
  • Lindsay Philbin
  • Jennifer Pope
  • Clayton Press
  • Ronald Pullie
  • Sheila Quinn
  • Lisa Rakic
  • Marina Raykin
  • Noelle Repetto
  • Jimmy Reyes
  • Malinda Riley
  • Veronica Rivera
  • Nick Roder
  • Donald & Debbie Roseen
  • Barry Rosenberg
  • Ivana Rosich
  • Theresa Ross
  • Therese Rowley
  • Clare Salcedo-Obert
  • Samuel Krom Foundation
  • Mario Santos
  • Jason Schettler
  • Peter Shearn
  • Joseph Shacter
  • Sandra Sheinin
  • Trina Sheridan
  • Amanda Shiu
  • Michael Shiu
  • Samantha Shiu
  • Naved Siddique
  • Elizabeth Siegel
  • Robin Simkins
  • Charla Simon
  • Michael Siska
  • Radiah Smith-Donald
  • Keith Solomon
  • Latha Soorya
  • Brittany Southworth
  • Jerry Sriver
  • Tina Stamatis
  • Kim & Matthew Stauber
  • Kevin Sterling
  • Mikala Stewart
  • Cheryl Strzechowski
  • Julie Tallarida
  • Sara Talsma
  • Judy Sutton Taylor
  • Paula Teichner
  • Laura Tharsen
  • Dana Thomas
  • Lisa Toerne
  • Kimberly Trueblood
  • Union Bank
  • Gred Video
  • Susan Viti
  • Carl Vogel
  • Nancy Ward
  • Stephanie Ward
  • Robert Warren
  • Eryn Weber-Shifrin
  • Ross, Julie, Sydney & Michael Weisman
  • Bart Weldon
  • Audrey Wennink
  • Brian West
  • Jannie White
  • Sarah White
  • Gwenan Wilbur
  • Jared Wunsch
  • Lisa Yaghmour
  • Megumi Yamakoshi
  • Chifeng Yang
  • Jianhua Hua Zhao
  • Roman Zinov


Inspire Banner


Is your company or business interested in supporting one of the best schools in the state? Friends of Jones has secured clearance to sell 31 light post banners around our school on State, Harrison, Dearborn, and Polk Streets.

The banners are available to businesses for $2,000, $3,000 and $5,000 sponsorships, depending on location and other benefits provided, and each will include the sponsor’s name/logo along with a Jones College Prep mission message.

Money raised will be used to support Jones College Prep, funding items the school needs that are not covered by the CPS budget.

Learn more about the various Sponsorship Levels. View the map of banner locations. Ready to commit?

Or Download a Corporate Banner Sponsorship form to send with your payment information or check.

Want to make this a recurring sponsorship? Download the Recurring Payment form to send with your Corporate Sponsorship form.

Questions? Please contact


Many thanks to Inspire 11 and The Library for their support in kicking off our campaign:



Every Spring, Friends of Jones runs an online auction as another way to raise funds for our school. Our success each year depends largely on donations from families and the people they know. We want this auction to be our best yet! Please consider securing/donating: gift cards in any demonination; sports tickets; Lollapalooza or concert tickets; stays at vacation homes; special event opportunities; unique experiences not available to the public, etc.

Attached is the FOJ Donation Letter and Donation Form for you to use with any donations.
Items and forms can be dropped off in the Jones main office, Attn: Friends of Jones Online Auction.

Contact with questions or forms.



Becoming a Spring Benefit sponsor is a great way to make a significant impact. We are seeking sponsorships that range from $250 – $1,000. Sponsors help us underwrite the event so that the funds we raise that evening will go toward benefiting the students and programs at our school.


  GOLD:   $1,000  

Includes 6 gourmet meals plus dessert and two   bottles of Champagne delivered to your home!

  SILVER:  $500  

Includes 4 gourmet meals plus dessert and a bottle of   Champagne to be delivered to your home!

  EAGLE:   $250  

Includes 2 gourmet meals plus dessert to be picked up   at Jones College Prep on March 19th!


Please contact for questions or more information on becoming a Benefit sponsor.



FOJ is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contribution to Friends of Jones is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. The Friends of Jones tax ID is 36-441-7670. Your tax-deductible acknowledgment will be sent via email or USPS. Please retain for your records.